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Enjoy Franconian dishes with regional and seasonal specialities served at our restaurant in Ansbach

Our chefs Helmut and Michael Sturm will take care of your physical well-being with a wide selection of hearty dishes, typical Franconian specialities and creative delights. Furthermore, we also offer a variety of seasonal dishes for your enjoyment. 

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Our restaurant

Let our chefs Helmut and Michael Sturm spoil you at our restaurant. In addition to typical Franconian, high-quality cuisine, you can always expect seasonal, unique delights based on the Sturm family's creative ideas. Let us surprise you with our varied menu of the day!

Our restaurant in the main building offers space for 65 guests in a traditional Franconian atmosphere.

Restaurant photos

Let the unique atmosphere of our restaurant entice you into a world of Franconian specialities. Get an overview of our restaurant here.

Celebrate your festivities with us at our restaurant

The Windmühle is the perfect place for your family celebrations. Be it a wedding, baptism, confirmation, communion or birthday party - we offer the right setting for every occasion. In addition to the 65 seats in our restaurant, our event and meeting rooms offer a flexible space for your celebration. Contact us - we will be happy to provide you with a personalised quote.

Our restaurant offers catering and more for you and your guests

We are always happy to welcome our guests' events, celebrations, meetings and functions at our restaurant and to ensure that every event is an unforgettable experience thanks to our service.

Our restaurant menu - menu and weekly menu

We offer dishes that change daily and weekly, always fresh, always original and always an enjoyable experience. Take a look at our extensive menu here.


Homemade goulash soup with bread6,30€
Homemade onion soup with bread croutons au gratin6,30
Baked camembert with cranberry cream and toast9,50€
Two meatballs served with potato salad and a salad plate11,00€

Egg pancakes
Filled with applesauce, cranberries or jam as requested


Toast Hawaii

Toast slices with ham, cheese and pineapple au gratin


Homemade Ansbach bratwursts served with sauerkraut and bread


Homemade “Blaue Zipfl” with bread

Bratwurst in a spicy white wine-vinegar-spice broth with onions

Seniors' schnitzel “Viennese style”, served with potato salad and mixed salad12,00€
Small “Swiss pot” with a salad plate16,00€
Children's schnitzel with french fries and ketchup9,00€
Chicken nuggets with fries9,00€
Small creamed escalope with spaetzle and vegetables12,00€
Children's burger with fries9,00€
Spaetzle / dumplings with sauce4,50€
“Vesperteller”, cold meat and sausage platter with bread and butter13,00€
Spicy sausage salad or Swiss sausage salad (with cheese) with bread9,00€
Dressed camembert “Obatzter” with bread9,00€

Pork loin steak “Rustic”

gratinated with bacon and camembert, served with fried potatoes and a salad plate


Mushroom cream schnitzel served with french fries and a salad plate


Pork chop baked served with potato salad and a salad plate


Schnitzel “Viennese style” served with potato salad and mixed salad


Schnitzel “Cordon bleu style” served with potato salad and a salad plate


“Swiss pot” with a salad plate

Pork medallions on spaetzle in cream sauce topped with ham and cheese


Wiener Schnitzel served with potato salad and a salad plate


Cordon bleu served with potato salad and a salad plate


Medium roasted rump steak of Angus beef served with herb butter fries and a salad plate


Medium roasted fillet steak of Angus beef served with bacon slices, herb butter, roast potatoes and a salad plate


Onion roast, Angus roast beef steak with fried onions, served with fried potatoes and a salad plate


Pepper steak “Madagascar” from Angus fillet, medium roasted, with coloured peppercorns in cream sauce, served with fries and vegetables



Our weekly menu

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Do you have any questions about our restaurant or would you like to reserve our dining room for an event? Simply give us a call.

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