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Superior Hotel

Family tradition

In our hotel and restaurant "Zur Windmühle", you can feel comfortable in a familiar managed house. Since 100 years, the "Windmühle" is under consistent management of the Sturm family. In the year 1914, Mr. Johann Michael Sturm from Steinbach acquired the restaurant located high above Ansbach. Since then, every generation of the Sturm family manages the hotel with passion and commitment.

Nowadays, three generations of the Sturm family are active in the hotel management: After Mister Johann Michael Sturm, his son Hans took the lead of the house. He handed over the house to Mister Johann Sturm, whose wife Elfriede Sturm is still active today in our service as senior chief. Her son Helmut Sturm startet his career in 1979 in the parental house, he's chef since 1983 and managing director since 1996, with strong support from his wife Ruth. With his two sons, Michael and Christian, the next generation is yet ready to lead the Hotel Windmühle in a successful future.

Chef Michael Sturm has a true passion for hotel business and gastronomy. Valedictorian in the apprenticeship certification exam, education in the Heidelberg hotel school, advanced training in the 5-star hotel Bareiss (Black Forest), laureate of the Johann-Lafer-Award 2013, certified restaurateur - with this rich experience, Michael supports his father Helmut Sturm in the management of hotel and restaurant.

Christian Sturm will also support the "Windmühle" after completion of his hotel clerk apprenticeship.

The Sturm family

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