Superior Hotel
Superior Hotel

Franconian wedding soup

5.80 €


Carott-cream-spoup spiced with ginger

6.00 €


Grilled sea bream,

served with Ratatouille and rosemary potatoes

18.80 €


Sliced turkey with fruits in curry-cream,

served with rice and salad

13.50 €


Half of duck,

served with read cabbage and dumplings

19.20 €


Wiener Schnitzel,

Breaded veal cutlet,

comes with potatoe salad and plate of salad

15.80 €


Tender veal goulash,

served with noodles and salad

13.50 €


Franconian sauerbraten,

served with cowberry, dumplings and salad

13.00 €


Roast pork shoulder,

served with bavarian cabbage and dumplings

13.00 €

Schnitzel " Cordon bleu Art ",

breaded pork filled with ham and cheese,

comes with potatoe salad and plate of salad

13.50 €


"Schweizer Topf" comes with plate of salad

Small pieces of pork filets on noodles with cream sauce,

with ham and cheese gratinated

14.20 €


Rumpsteak medium,

comes with herbal butter, french fries and plate of salad

20.50 €


Pfeffersteak " Madagaskar "

Filetsteak medium with red and green peppercorns in

cream sauce, comes with french fries and vegetables

23.50 €

Medium roatsed medaillons from stag in cowberry-cream-sauce,

served with Spätzle and salad

23.50 €


Hotel Gasthof
Zur Windmühle

Familie Sturm

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91522 Ansbach

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